Preschool Curriculum Goals


  • Listening and speaking short sentences
  • Comprehension of words
  • Development of vocabulary
  • Pronunciation of words
  • Expresses themselves using words and expanded sentences
  • Understands and follows oral directions
  • Asks and answers questions
  • Develops interest in books


  • Classifies objects by size or color
  • Recognizes simple patterns and can repeat them
  • Uses one to one correspondence
  • Uses numbers and counting (1-5)
  • Recognition of primary colors
  • Recognition of basic shapes (square, circle, and triangles)


  • Explore their bodies and name some body parts
  • Identifies properties (hard, soft, sweet, salty, heavy, light)
  • Explores textures
  • Experiments how objects move
  • Learns to identify plants and animals
  • Explores and enjoys playing with sand, water and dirt


  • Water, sand, dirt play
  • Finger paint
  • Play dough
  • Flubber
  • Measuring tools

Dramatic Play

  • Represents daily home actives through the home living environment
  • Uses language to interact with other children
  • Develops nurturing skills by playing with the dolls
  • Takes on pretended roles
  • Makes believe with objects

Social/Emotional Development

  • Develops trust for adults and other children
  • Interacts with other children
  • Recognizes the feelings of other children and responds to situations
  • Develops self-regulation and turn taking
  • Begins to develop problem solving skills